A New Year of Pancakes and Apps?

banana-egg-pancakesWith 2017 just arriving, there are unlimited options for New Year resolutions already in play. Some promises for the New Year are often about pleasure, while other people will have resolutions focusing more on discipline. In the pleasure category, people may focus on new relationships, plan to buy a new home, or travel more. On the other hand, with discipline resolutions, people may say they will spend less, invest more, or eat better. For example, a favorite for many is to start off on a new eating plan such as: carbohydrate and sugar-free, high protein and gluten-free, South Beach, or Paleo, it can all become quite confusing.

If your New Year’s resolution is about food or travel. This blog posting is for you. Even if you’re not one to make annual Do’s and Don’ts promises, you may still want to read. Who knows, you may like some of our foodie and travel tips.

Tip 1: Try Uncomplicated Eating and Recipes in the New Year

Push the reset button on your health and change your relationship with food. The Whole30 might be a good option for you. It’s a month-long clean eating program. On the surface, it seems like a Paleo diet (e.g., low carb and high protein) with no gluten, sugar, dairy, or processed foods. But, caffeine is allowed and so are potatoes cooked in any way. For Java and starch lovers, this is definitely a plus!

There are also no restrictions on how much fruit and vegetables you can consume. Calories are not counted and there is no weighing of food. It really is quite extraordinary. Promising such health benefits as improved body composition, higher energy levels, better quality of sleep and a reduction of food cravings. While some weight loss is common, the goal of this eating plan is more to feel satisfied and less hungry Whole30 may also help to discover any food sensitivities. At the end of the 30 days, foods can gradually be reintroduced back into your diet, if you choose. It’s a good way to tell how dairy and gluten may affect you.

New Year’s Whole30 Recipes

  1. Delightful banana/egg pancakes.
  2. Delicious famous loaded sweet potato.
  3. Creamy carrot ginger soup.
  4. Tasty grain-free cinnamon apple oatmeal.

A range of food items can be consumed in the Whole30 program. Roast chicken and beef stews can be incorporated into your everyday meals, any fish dish, minus breadcrumbs. One note, planning and preparation are key to the success of this eating program, have food prepared, vegetables chopped and ready. After a few days of being on the program, the eating becomes habitual. Check out the Whole30 website for more. Remember to always consult a credentialed nutritionist or medical doctor before making changes in your food choices.

Tip 2: Use Apps for Uncomplicated Traveling in the New Year

Once you are feeling reenergized from keeping to your New Year’s resolutions for eating better, it’s time to start thinking about taking a break. Using travel apps is a great option to ensure your travel resolutions and vacations are budget-friendly and free of “complications.”

  1. AirBnB App: First of all AirBnB is not for everyone. Founded 7 years ago, Airbnb has changed the way people think and plan their travel. Essentially people rent out their rooms to strangers, maybe not appealing to everyone, but a great way to save on overnight stays. The AirBnB app allows travelers to choose a room, an apartment or condo, or an entire home with just a click. Dennis (co-author of this blog posting) recently saved 70%-80% using AirBnB rentals versus staying at hotels or resorts. He got a full kitchen, oceanviews, laundry facilities, and walking convenience. Downside, there was no room service or cleaning service. But the app allows users to find properties with those amenities as well.
  2. Hotwire App: If renting/leasing properties through AirBnB sounds a little too “backpack traveler” for you, try locating amazing deals on the Hotwire app. Hotwire has deals in place with hotels to get bodies into unsold rooms. So much so that these hotels are willing to take off 70%-80% of the going rate. Downside of Hot Rate® Hotel deals on the app is that users have to prepay for a hotel or resort without knowing the brand name or specific location. After the payment, users get to see the full itinerary. If that sounds too risky, Hotwire also allows travelers to pick their own hotel and flights for a low prices.
  3. My TSA App: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airline go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately the mere mention of TSA gives many fits from thoughts of evasive technology, unclear carry-on or checked baggage rules, and extreme waits and lines. So, it is good news that the agency has an app to help better the airport experience. My TSA provides the most up-to-date station on all U.S. airports. The app shows users how to sign-up for TSA PreCheck®. Travelers can easily access a list of items that clear TSA checkpoints. It even gives you tips on packing more efficiently.
  4. Refund.me App: Traveling on airlines can be stressful due to flight cancelations, delays, overbooking, or missed connections. If you are traveling to a country within the European Union (EU) using an EU airline (e.g., United Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and more), you have additional protections against these sorts of travel complications. Did you know there is a law in the European Union that allows passengers to claim up €600 ($630) if they experience bad travel experience at the hands of airlines? But most people never claim the money because of not knowing their rights, paperwork and the possibility of having to appear in a court of law. The Refund.me takes care of all of that for the user. The Refund.me service has a 98% success rate according to the company website. Perhaps best of all, there is no legal risk to users of the free app.

Disclaimer and Questions

e-Management is not endorsing eating plans or any apps. Instead, we are reporting on what’s new in the world of food and travel. With that said, we are interested in your feedback. (1) What are your favorite health foods for the New Year? (2) Where are you planning to travel this year? (3) Are your New Year’s Resolutions focused on pleasure or discipline?