Cybersecurity is mostly about you…

Newsflash! There is no privacy on the Internet. I repeat: There is NO privacy on the Internet. Anyone with a web browser can see everything anyone has ever posted online! That’s according to the e‑Management Chief Information Officer (CIO) team (and numerous other cyber experts). Cyber experts say online security is 90% user and 10% technology. I

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Is Big Data a Big Deal?

Is Big Data another way of saying predatory online marketing? You decide. Big data as the name suggests is all about large volumes of information. More and more schools, government agencies, retailers, and other organizations are analyzing big data to learn more about people. Big data players include Amazon, Facebook, and Google, to name a

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A New Year of Pancakes and Apps?

With 2017 just arriving, there are unlimited options for New Year resolutions already in play. Some promises for the New Year are often about pleasure, while other people will have resolutions focusing more on discipline. In the pleasure category, people may focus on new relationships, plan to buy a new home, or travel more. On

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